The Best Way to Get a Secured Loan or Bridge Loan in San Diego County

San Diego Bad Credit Loans Due the ongoing weak economy, it often is difficult to obtain a personal loan or small business loan in San Diego. However, you don’t need to travel the risky route of payday loans or credit card cash advances to fulfill your cash needs.

If you have luxury collateral such as fine jewelry or a high-brand timepiece, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers (DEJB) can help. We can provide you with an immediate secured loan or bridge loan today, regardless of your credit rating.

DEJB is a leader in helping San Diego County residents obtain quick secured loans from $2,500 to $50,000. Our secured loans and bridge loans are completely confidential and will not damage your credit rating further should you decide not to pay back your cash loan.

At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, we specialize in secured loans on fine estate jewelry and timepieces from exclusive brands such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, Patek Philippe, Rolex, and other luxury makers. We also provide substantial San Diego bridge loans on large carat diamond rings. Sometimes these types of secured loans are referred to as San Diego “pawn shop” loans. However, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is not a San Diego pawn shop.

We are a California estate buyer that provides secured loans as a service to our clients, who include many San Diego entrepreneurs and small business people. You can also sell gold jewelry, sell a diamond, and sell fine watches to us outright.

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There are four main reasons why private individuals and business owners choose DEJB for a secured loan in San Diego: privacy, security, interest rates, and size of loan. So let’s examine at each of these issues to see if a secured loan from Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is the best option for you.

Private Secured Loans & San Diego Bridge Loans

When obtaining a secured loan in San Diego, most clients are concerned about maintaining their privacy. The issue of privacy extends to both the location and appearance of the loan provider’s office, as well as the risk of any potential reports to credit rating agencies or credit checks.

At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, we rigorously maintain the privacy of our clients and the confidentiality of their secured loans and bridge loans. We serve as personal estate buyer and luxury pawnbroker to high net worth professionals and business owners throughout Southern California. Our estate buying & loan office is discreetly located in a secure and safe business area in La Jolla, California.

You can rest easy, knowing that DEJB will never conduct a credit check before issuing you a collateral loan. Many of our clients have excellent credit ratings, yet choose us for a secured loan because our bridge loans are fast, secure, confidential, and don’t put your good credit rating in jeopardy. We guarantee never to send a report to any credit rating agency, regardless of whether you pay back your secured loan or not. Should you decide not to pay back your bridge loan (for whatever reason), we will simply keep the gift asset you used as collateral.

At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, we also are sensitive to the financial situations that you may be experiencing–as well as the emotional attachments you may have with the item(s) you’re using for collateral. You can count on us to fully answers all of your questions, while helping you make the best financial decision possible.

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San Diego Secured Loans & Your Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is important when obtaining a secured loan with your diamond jewelry or valuable timepiece in San Diego. You want to feel confident that your precious gift asset is in safe hands and that you have chosen a trustworthy San Diego loan provider. You can evaluate a local business’s reputation by checking whether it is accredited with the San Diego Better Business Bureau. We also suggest reading online reviews to see whether your bridge loan provider has a strong track record in precious gift assets like diamond jewelry and luxury Swiss watches.

San Diego residents feel confident when obtaining a secured loan with Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers for two reasons: 1) We are a BBB accredited secured loan provider, and 2) We are owned and operated by Carl Blackburn, a 2nd generation estate jeweler and consumer advocate who is widely recognized for his expertise in appraising the value of pre-owned diamond jewelry and luxury Swiss watches.

What About the Interest Rate on My Bridge Loan?

When seeking a secured loan or San Diego bridge loan, you are likely concerned about interest rates. While the interest rates on a secured loan are higher than ordinary bank loans, the good news is that California caps collateral loan interest rates at a lower rate compared to many other states. If you were to take out a cash advance on a credit card, your interest could be higher than the interest rate attached to a secured loan in San Diego.

The exact interest rates that DEJB applies to our San Diego bridge loans depends on the resale value of your fine watch, diamond jewelry, or gold jewelry. To learn the interest rate that we would apply to your secured loan, simply give us phone call or email us some information about the item you wish to use as collateral. We will gladly provide you with a quick preliminary appraisal of your item and the interest rate that we would apply to your San Diego bridge loan–entirely free of charge.

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How Large Can My Secured Loan Be in San Diego?

The size of your secured loan when using fine jewelry or watches as collateral will depend on the appraisal value of your luxury goods. Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is the best place to get a San Diego bridge loan because we appraise the value of your item(s) on their worldwide resale value rather than how much we might be able to sell the item for locally–like a traditional San Diego pawn shop does.

Our owner Carl Blackburn is recognized nationwide as an estate jewelry buyer with an exclusive international resale network. Therefore, our San Diego secured loans are larger than what you might receive from a traditional San Diego pawnshop. In addition, unlike a typical neighborhood pawn shop, we have the financial resources and expertise to offer bridge loans upwards to $250,000, depending on the value of your precious gift collateral.

When you receive a secured loan from Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, your bridge loan can be for as short a period as 24 hours and up to 120 days (renewable). Contact our secured loan providers today for a free verbal jewelry appraisal in San Diego County. Let us prove to you why so many clients come to us when they need a bridge loan in San Diego.

Start the quick and confidential personal loan process by contacting us now. Tell us a little bit about the fine jewelry, diamond, or luxury watch you wish to use as collateral for a San Diego bridge loan.

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