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Sell a Diamond Ring What’s it like selling a ring to Carl Blackburn and Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers? Read a genuine customer review from Sofia in Santa Monica, California. She is but one of the hundreds of satisfied customers who have chosen us as the best place to sell a diamond ring for more cash…

Customer Review

“I recently sold a 2 ct diamond ring to Carl Blackburn. Although I had never heard of him prior to this transaction, I cannot offer him enough praise. Selling my diamond was effortless, and Carl acted with the highest degree of professionalism (top notch, every step of the way) enough to make me want to write this review. I’m a jaded New Yorker living in LA, and Carl proves that there are still honest people in the world. I think the community deserves to know about him.

Go ahead. You can spend another couple of weeks making dozen of calls, and obsessing for countless hours looking all over the internet for a better offer for your diamond or estate jewelry. In the end, you will realize how lucky you are to have found Carl Blackburn. You will have a better appreciation for how polite, fair and respectful Carl is, after encountering the many underhanded diamond dealers and pawnbrokers out there.

Carl stands high above other diamond buyers, and has my sincerest gratitude for being an ethical gentleman who keeps his word, serving his customers with honor and integrity. He really is a straight shooter. He gave me a range of prices for my diamond, and said that it would not fall below a certain amount, which helped me determine if it was worth it for me to ship my diamond ring out to him for evaluation.

He responded immediately to all of my calls, addressed my questions with patience and clarity, never rushing me through a conversation, which put me at ease, as did his breadth of knowledge about diamond jewelry.

He enjoys speaking with you whether you are a novice or a seasoned collector. He wants you to have a good experience, and be happy with the offer. He is building long-term relationships, not fly-by-night, one-off deals. There is no pressure. He gave me his undivided attention, making me feel like I was his most important client every time we spoke, which was actually only a few times, because there were no games.

I already had an idea about how much I should be able to get for my diamond ring if I were to sell it at auction, to an individual buyer, or a jeweler or wholesaler. Carl was willing to discuss these scenarios, and how his business model fits into the mix. He also addressed the strengths and weaknesses of the diamond itself, and how those factors would affect the price, and what he would be able to get for it.

He explained the shipping process in detail, and sent me written instructions so I knew what to expect. He covered all the costs, and had I decided not to sell my diamond ring to him, he would have shipped it back to me at no cost. We agreed on a replacement value for the insurance, whereas others only wanted to cover the wholesale amount.

Carl receives and ships expensive diamonds all day long, and explained that he is the only one to open the packages, that he has video cameras recording his every move for insurance purposes. He earned my trust a lot faster than a lot of the other people I encountered in LA and NYC, because he was transparent about the process, and did not pass me off to someone else in his store. He puts himself in your shoes and doesn’t want you to worry. He tells you what time he can expect to receive your package and will let you know it arrived safely.

I never once thought that he was going to try to “steal” my diamond, which is what one auctioneer tried to do, even though I had done business with him successfully in the past. Let me be clear that this was NOT Carl Blackburn! This other guy quoted me a price over the phone by looking at the GIA papers, then lowered it by $10,000 after I shipped him the ring. I told him to send back the diamond immediately, which he refused to do!

He then said he thought he could locate a diamond buyer who would pay a lot more. I agreed to let him sell it for a higher price, but the deal was only good through the end of the day. He refused to put this in writing and hung up on me. Then he called me back and said he couldn’t find the buyer, and that he wanted to keep the ring over the weekend in his safe. I said the deal was off, and to overnight my diamond ring back to me back to me as originally promised.

He hung up on me again. When I called him back, they wouldn’t put me through. Then he called me back and said that he already sold my ring! I spoke to the other partner and said what they were doing was totally unprofessional and against my wishes, and he admitted they hadn’t sold the ring. They tried to bully me into selling it for less than what I wanted, but I got lucky, and they sent it back.

Do you want to deal with this kind of nerve-wracking, duplicitous behavior?

Do you want to to receive receive the best offer for your diamond ring, and interact with a fair and honest man?

Then stop wasting your time and call Carl Blackburn.

BTW, Carl gave me between $7,000-$13,000 more than what some of the others offered for my diamond ring. And he is still going to make a profit, which he deserves. He even contacted me the the next day to make sure my payment went through!

You can be sure I will be doing business with him again in the future.”

Sofia A. – Santa Monica, CA – May 15th, 2014

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“Carl made me and my mom feel at home when we came to sell diamond rings here. He gave us the maximum for what we had and it’s is safe to say both parties were very satisfied. Carl represents the highest standards in ethics and business professionalism. We definitely recommend him to anyone needing to sell their precious gems.” – Sergio G. – April 6th, 2013


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