How to Sell a Rolex Watch on eBay

How to Sell a Rolex on eBay Perhaps you looking for ways to fund a startup business, or maybe you need extra cash for a down payment on a new car. Whatever the reason is, you have decided to sell a Rolex watch and are wondering about your options.

At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, we always are happy to discuss with clients the different ways in which they can sell a used Rolex timepiece, including the pros and cons of selling a Rolex on eBay.

In this brief knowledge article, we therefore will outline the steps that you need to take when selling a pre-owned Rolex watch on eBay, as well as how you can bypass these steps and sell your valuable timepiece for a generous cash offer today.

Setting Up an eBay Account

The first thing you’ll need to do, in order to sell your Rolex watch on eBay, is set up a seller’s account. When you do so, you’ll need to determine what sort of payment options you will accept, and how you will handle seller’s fees and guarantees. You’ll also need to confirm your email address and telephone number, and set up a PayPal account.

Pricing Your Used Rolex Watch on eBay

Another decision you’ll need to make is exactly how you will sell your Rolex watch on eBay: auction-style or fixed price. Consider the least amount of money you will accept for your watch, and set that number as the reserve (i.e. the lowest bid you will accept). Don’t forget to consider the seller’s fees and shipping costs when you set your reserve. If you wish to set a fixed price, be honest about what your used Rolex is worth. If you don’t know what it is worth, you should have it appraised.

Creating an eBay Listing for Your Rolex Watch

The next step in selling a Rolex on eBay is to create the listing. The eBay listing is the complete description of your Rolex watch, and it’s your most important sales tool. You will need to provide a complete description of your pre-owned Rolex, including the model number and year of manufacture, as well as any scratches or signs of wear and tear.

The more you know about your Rolex watch, the better you will be able to describe it in an enticing way. Do some research, and know how your particular Rolex fits in with the history of fine watches. Be sure to describe the band and style of clasp as well.

Photographs must be included in the eBay listing of your Rolex watch. You will want them to be as professional looking as possible. If you choose to photograph your Rolex yourself, you’ll need a good camera that takes high resolution photos. Plain backdrops and natural, diffused lighting tend to get the best results. A flash is likely to create shadows and reflections. Be sure to use a tripod, and take photos from all angles, highlighting any scratches or scuffs (do not try to hide these imperfections).

Prove Your Pre-Owned Rolex is Authentic

Probably the most important function of your eBay listing is to convince potential buyers that your watch is, in fact, an authentic Rolex. So many fake Rolex watches have been produced (literally millions) that the potential for deception is high. If you have the original documentation that came with your Rolex watch, you will want to include it in the listing, both in the description and in photographs.

If you do not have the original paperwork, you should try to photograph the Rolex logo along with any other security features, like the 3D hologram inside the watch. If possible, have your Rolex appraised, and photos taken of the movement and caseback.

After Your Rolex Watch Sells on eBay

When your Rolex watch sells on eBay, you will be notified of payment through your eBay account. Be sure to respond to the buyer in a timely fashion, and ship your Rolex using the method detailed in your listing. If you have not heard from the buyer or received payment within three days of the sale, contact them directly.

The Real Price of Selling Your Rolex on eBay

What is your time worth? You will spend a considerable amount of it when you choose to sell a Rolex on eBay. The time it takes to research your watch, create the listing, complete the paperwork, and take photographs could easily exceed twenty hours. You should place a value on your time, and consider this when thinking about what your Rolex might really sell for on eBay.

In addition to your time, there are other costs associated with selling your Rolex on eBay. If you choose to have your watch appraised and authenticated, you’ll have to cover that expense, and you may need to have it professionally cleaned before you photograph it. There are also other fees, including eBay’s commission, which could be 10% or more, and PayPal and bank fees of 5% or more.

To avoid all these hidden costs and transaction fees, many people choose Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers as the best way to sell a Rolex. All of the work, delay, and uncertainty of eBay is eliminated, and there are never any hidden transaction fees.

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