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Sell gold jewelry, watches, and diamonds the smart way with Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. Our estate buyers serve clients throughout the United States. We specialize in purchasing estate jewelry and Swiss timepieces from the world’s finest luxury brands. Our California jewelry buyers and watch buyers are experts at assessing the added brand value of your valuable estate jewelry, antique jewelry, and investment-grade timepieces.

Included below is a small sample of the precious fine jewelry and watches that our clients have received high cash offers for in recent months. Contact us today to arrange a free, no risk, valuation of your luxury items.

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How to Sell Your Jewelry in 4 Steps

Here is a quick summary of the basic steps involved in getting a fair price when selling your estate jewelry, antique jewelry, or diamond jewelry for a fair cash offer:

Step 1

See if you can find a sold listing on eBay for the same or similar estate jewelry made by the same fine jewelry brand. If found, this gives you a ball park figure to work from—though often an eBay sold price on second-hand jewelry is slightly higher than the average resale market price.

Step 2

Research online the jewelry stores, dedicated jewelry buyers, or pawn shops in your area who purchase estate jewelry, as well as national fine jewelry buyers (such as Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers). Select the top three or four who advertise as offering free appraisals of estate and antique jewelry.

Step 3

Contact each jewelry buyer via phone or email. Describe the previously-owned jewelry that you wish to sell, and request a free verbal appraisal and cash offer.

Step 4

Select the jewelry buyer who makes you the best cash offer your estate jewelry.

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