How to Sell a Royal Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

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Owned and operated by renowned estate jeweler Carl Blackburn, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers specializes in Royal Asscher Cut diamond engagement rings, understanding the unique background of how this exceptional diamond cut was developed.

The Royal Asscher Cut takes its name from Joseph Asscher’s original Asscher Cut, which he perfected in 1902. The original Asscher Cut, a highly specific type of square emerald cut, has been a staple in fine jewelry—copied both well and poorly, since its introduction.

Joseph Asscher’s great grandsons, Edward and Joop Asscher, became fascinated with the idea of enhancing their ancestor’s design in 1999. Using sophisticated computer modeling and simulation, the two consulted with their team of master craftsmen and polishers, and after two years of development, they presented the first Royal Asscher Cut, and were rewarded with a worldwide patent.

The Royal Asscher Cut is perfectly symmetrical, with distinct proportions that must fall within very specific parameters. The cut can only be fashioned from an octahedral-shaped rough diamond crystal, with only 5% of the world’s rough diamonds meeting this exacting standard.

Once a suitable rough diamond is selected, it is then sawn above the girdle, sacrificing over 15% of the rough stone, but providing for the cut’s exceptionally high crown. This high crown is essential to the finished stone’s ability to disperse color and light. The Royal Asscher Cut’s superior brilliance in comparison to a traditional square-emerald Asscher Cut stone is unmistakeable.

Technically, the Royal Asscher Cut is complex, and requires a level of skill fewer than 75 master craftsmen possess. In order to draw out the stone’s fire and scintillation, these experts must polish the diamonds to exact specifications—a proprietary process that can take over three months to learn. The finished stone  features 74 precisely polished facets, as compared to the traditional Asscher’s 56, providing what the company boasts as an “entrancing endless mirrored effect…with a kaleidoscope of color.”

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