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Investment Diamond for Sale A brand new luxury car is the kind of asset which drops in value every year. However investment grade diamonds are forever and deserve a solid place in your investment portfolio.

“When you buy a brand new luxury automobile, every mile you put on that car will cost you, but an investment grade diamond that costs you $100,00 keeps going up in value and it’s worth more every year,” says Carl Blackburn, owner of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. “And when you buy estate jewelry, you avoid paying the full retail price of new jewelry; you can spend your money more wisely by buying your family heirlooms in this fashion.”

So what makes for a good investment diamond? The driving factor is not necessarily size, but rarity. Investment grade diamonds can be as small as one carat but extremely valuable due to their rarity, such as a natural fancy pink diamond; or they can be larger diamonds over 8 carats, where the rarity is due to the scarcity of these sizes.

What kind of return can you expect after purchasing an investment diamond for sale? Returns are of course always variable and depend on the market and your particular stone. But at Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, we often see the value of investment grade diamonds going up 1% – 2% per year, depending on size, color, and quality.

Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is one of the country’s most recognized buyers and sellers of investment grade diamonds and timepieces. Owner and head diamond buyer Carl Blackburn has been in the jewelry business for over 20 years, having learned about selling estate and antique jewelry from his father, Charles.

Carl Blackburn began his career by purchasing and selling everything from $200 antique rings to $20,000 signed estate pieces. He later partnered with the owner of San Diego Jewelry Buyers before launching his own jewelry and diamond buying firm in 2007. In July 2013, Blackburn launched Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, focusing on the purchase and sale of high-end diamonds and Swiss timepieces.

When clients are selling large diamonds and high-grade Swiss timepieces, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers acts as a broker by first appraising their items properly and offering them the best possible price. Alternatively, when clients are looking to acquire a specific diamond or timepiece, DEJB provides the same personalized service and can obtain almost anything the client is looking for due to Blackburn’s many contacts and reputation in this industry.

Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers can get credit of up to $500,000 on a single item. This is a key factor for clients seeking a broker in investment grade diamonds and watches—as it allows Blackburn the ability to present them with several large ticket options to choose from. DEJB ordinarily doesn’t handle estate jewelry worth less than $5,000, and primarily closes deals on pieces worth $50,000 or more. For example, the firm recently brokered a 10.5 carat cushion cut diamond worth $150,000.

Whether you are looking for investment diamonds for sale or seeking a buyer for your large carat diamond and estate jewelry, contact Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers today for a free consultation with Carl Blackburn.

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