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Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is a leader in sharing with clients all the information they need to sell their diamond jewelry and fine timepieces smartly, or to obtain alternative financing with these luxury assets.

We always strive to help you make the best selling or loan decision for your financial situation. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff believes in empowering you with information, while never engaging in hard sell tactics or misleading “bonus” cash payments if you sell your item(s) with us today.

Below you will find articles where our estate jewelry buyers & collateral loan specialists cover common questions & topics that arise during our confidential consultations. If you need any further information about how to sell your diamond jewelry or luxury watch, or how to obtain a large collateral loan for your portable luxury assets, please call or email us with your questions.

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Where Can I Auction My Jewelry?
Do you want to sell your estate jewelry, large carat diamond ring, or luxury watch? Be sure to read this article before trying to sell your item at an online auction or traditional auction house.

How to Buy & Sell Jewelry Articles

How to Sell Jewelry & Enrich Your Life
Learn how to sell your old jewelry and enrich your life. Carl Blackburn discusses leveraging the assets of your fine jewelry box for personal growth.

How to Sell Diamond Jewelry
Selling diamond jewelry might seem like a complicated process that requires a lot of insider knowledge, but it is easier than it appears. Click the link above to learn more.

How to Sell My Estate Jewelry
Get experts answers to common questions that arise when selling your valuable estate jewelry, antique jewelry, and other items from your fine jewelry box.

Can I Trust Diamond Buyer Reviews?
Learn how to identity genuine diamond buyer reviews & how to sell your diamond ring, bracelet, or necklace for a fair cash offer from a trusted diamond buyer.

How to Sell an Engagement Ring Online
In this knowledge article, our jewelry buyers cover some of the common questions our clients have had when selling an engagement ring online via our “Sell Jewelry from Home” service.

How to Sell Jewelry & Buy Happiness
Is it true that money can’t buy happiness? That is the subject of this Carl Blackburn article on the purpose of money and living well.

How to Identify Antique/Vintage Jewelry
Get some general tips & advice on how to identify your valuable antique or vintage jewelry before selling your items to an estate jewelry buyer.

How to Sell a Tiffany Diamond Ring on eBay
Learn the steps involved when selling a Tiffany diamond ring on eBay, as well as how to sell your old Tiffany & Co. jewelry immediately for more cash today.

How to Choose an Estate Jewelry Appraiser
Learn the difference between replacement and market value jewelry appraisals & how to choose the right jewelry appraiser before selling your jewelry for cash.

How to Tell if Gold is Real
Learn how to tell if your gold jewelry is real or gold plated, as well as where you can sell your gold jewelry for a fair and substantial cash offer.

How to Sell Jewelry at Christie’s
If you have an extremely valuable estate jewelry collection (and are able to wait several months to receive payment for your items), selling your jewelry at Christie’s can be an option worth considering. Learn more in this article.

Jewelry Glossary of Terms
Get answers to your fine jewelry questions with this in depth jewelry glossary and dictionary from Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers.

Identifying Estate Jewelry Hallmarks
The expert jewelry appraisers at Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers (DEJB) cover some of the basics involved when identifying the hallmarks on fine jewelry.

How to Identify Gold & Gold Jewelry
Learn about the gold value and gold weight used in gold coins, bullion, bars, and jewelry–and how to avoid purchasing fake gold items.

All About Rubies & Ruby Jewelry
Learn about the history of rubies and ruby jewelry, including ruby gemstone treatments, famous ruby mines, and how to sell your ruby jewelry for a best cash offer.

How Much is My Ruby Worth?
Learn how much your ruby is worth in this article, which discusses how ruby color, cut, clarity & carat weight affects the value of a ruby gemstone in jewelry.

The Difference Between Synthetic & Imitation Gemstones
Learn the difference between real gemstones, synthetic gemstones, and simulant/simulated (or imitation) gems, such as cubic zirconia.

How to Sell Jewelry at Sotheby’s
Learn the steps involved when selling your fine jewelry at Sotheby’s auction, as well as alternatives to selling your important estate jewelry at auction.

Heritage Auctions: Exceptional Jewelry & Diamond Sales
Heritage is one of the largest and most respected auction houses that handles fine jewelry. Learn about some recent exceptional jewelry sold at auction.

Lab Grown Diamond vs. Real Diamonds
Learn about the differences between lab grown diamonds and real diamonds, and why most buyers still choose natural diamonds over ones grown in a lab.

All About Emeralds & Emerald Jewelry
Learn all about the history and properties of the rare emerald gemstone and its role in the creation of fine jewelry from ancient Egypt to today.

How Much is My Emerald Worth?
Learn how much your emerald is worth in this article, which deals with how emerald color, clarity, cut & carat weight affects the value of an emerald gemstone.

How to Collect Antique Jewelry
Collecting antique jewelry can be a tremendously rewarding activity for anyone–not just professional estate buyers. Get some quick tips on how to start building your antique jewelry collection.

Understanding Diamond Certificates
In this knowledge article, our diamond buyers define some of the terms used in diamond grading reports and compare the various certifying agencies.

The Best Books on Antique & Estate Jewelry
There are many books available to help sort out the challenging world of antique & estate jewelry. In this review, we’ll take a look at a few of the best.

What Are Signet Rings?
Learn all about the history of signet rings, including where to sell a valuable antique signet ring for a generous cash price.

How to Spot Fake Tiffany Jewelry
Learn how to spot a fake Tiffany bracelet, necklace, pendant, or diamond ring, when purchasing Tiffany jewelry from a pawn shop, estate jeweler, other seller.

All About Fancy Colored Diamonds
Get expert answers to questions like,  “What are colored diamonds? “How are colored diamonds made?” “How are fancy diamonds graded?” and more.

All About Sapphires & Sapphire Jewelry
Learn all about sapphires, including fancy sapphires and star sapphires, as well as where to sell your valuable sapphire jewelry for a generous cash offer.

How Much is My Sapphire Worth?
Learn how much your sapphire is worth in this article about the factors which affect the value of sapphire in your sapphire ring, earrings, or necklace.

Platinum vs. White Gold vs. Palladium
Learn the differences between platinum, white gold, and palladium before you buy that diamond engagement ring, wedding band, or eternity ring.

What is Colored Gold?
Learn about the colors of gold in fine jewelry and how they are made, including information about white, green, purple, blue, black, and rose gold.

What is an Enhanced Diamond?
Learn what it means when a diamond is enhanced, including what diamond treatments are accepted by the fine jewelry industry and how they affect a diamond.

How are Emeralds Treated?
Learn how emeralds are enhanced with gemstone treatments (including oil treatments & epoxy fillers), and how these treatments affect the value of the stone.

Colored Gemstone Treatments for Sapphires & Rubies
Learn about what gemstone treatments are used to enhance sapphires, rubies, tourmaline & spinel, and how processes like heat treatment affect the gem’s value.

Gemstone Treatments for Pearl, Jade & Coral
Learn how pearls, coral, jade, lapis lazuli, and turquoise are enhanced with gem treatments, and how these treatments affect the value of the gemstones.

How Much is My Jade Worth?
Learn how much your jade is worth, in particular the most expensive type of jade, known as jadeite or Imperial Jade. Get a free jade appraisal online.

How Much Are My Pearls Worth?
Learn how much your pearls are worth in this article, which discusses pearl color, luster, shape, size, and nacre quality. Get a free pearls appraisal online.

How Much is My Alexandrite Worth?
Learn how to appraise the value of the alexandrite gemstone in your alexandrite ring, necklace, or earrings. Get a free appraisal and immediate cash offer.

How Much is My Spinel Worth?
Spinel occurs in a wide variety of colors, and is valued like many colored gemstones, using the same four Cs used to evaluate diamonds: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

How Much is My Turquoise Worth?
Turquoise has been valued as a gemstone for thousands of years. It was well known to Ancient Egyptians, the Aztecs and Native Americans, and even the Chinese of the Shang Dynasty.

How Much is My Tanzanite Worth?
The most valuable color of tanzanite is a pure, sapphire-like blue, though a violet-blue color specific to tanzanite is highly prized as well.

Top Auction Houses for Estate Jewelry & Watches
Learn about the top auction houses for selling your extraordinary estate jewelry, large carat diamonds, colored gemstones, and collectible Swiss watches.

Affordable Engagement Ring Ideas
There are quite a number of affordable engagement ring ideas. We’ll cover the best ones & help you buy that unforgettable engagement ring on a budget.

How to Buy a Vintage Engagement Ring
Learn about the issues involved when buying an estate or vintage engagement ring versus a brand new diamond engagement ring from a fine jeweler.

Choosing an Antique Engagement Ring
Learn about the characteristics of antique engagement rings from famous periods such as Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco.

How to Care For Fine Jewelry & Rings
Learn how to care for your fine jewelry and diamond rings, including when not to wear your jewelry; how to clean and store your fine jewelry; and more.

Learn All About Ring Resizing
Get the information you need to know if you need to resize a ring (smaller or larger) to fit your finger. And what to do if you cannot resize your ring.

Diamond Setting Guide
Of all the aspects to consider when buying a diamond ring, the setting (i.e. the way the diamond or diamonds are attached to the ring) is sometimes the most overlooked …

Understanding Celebrity Jewelry Pricing
Learn how celebrity jewelry is often overpriced by using the designer jewelry of television personality Lauren Conrad as an example.

A History of Tiffany Jewelry Design
Learn how Tiffany & Co. rose to become America’s most prominent fine jewelry house, and which talented jewelry designers helped them along the way.

Antique & Vintage Cartier Jewelry Design
Discover highlights from the history of Cartier jewelry & watch design, including where you can sell your vintage & antique Cartier jewelry for more money.

History of Arts & Craft Movement Jewelry
If you own a piece of fine jewelry from this era, this knowledge article will help you better understand why the antique Arts & Crafts jewelry is so special and sought-after by collectors.

A History of Engagement Rings
Trace the timeline of engagement ring through history, including the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, and Retro periods.

A History of Cameo Jewelry
Learn about cameo jewelry history, including cameo jewelry during the Georgian and Victorian periods, as well as contemporary expensive cameo jewelry.

A Guide to Georgian Jewelry History
Learn about Georgian Jewelry, including Georgian rings, necklaces, the chatelaine & longchain, as well as where you can sell Georgian jewelry for more cash.

A Men’s Jewelry Guide
Get tips for how to wear men’s jewelry, including men’s rings, cufflinks, tie clips, bracelets, and more. Learn also how to sell your men’s jewelry for cash.

A Brief History of Jewelry Making
In the this brief history of jewelry, our estate jewelry buyers cover some of the important highlights along the fine jewelry making timeline.

How to Buy & Sell a Watch Articles

How to Sell a Rolex Watch
Get answers to some common questions that people have when planning to sell a used Rolex watch to Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers.

How to Find Rolex Serial/Model Numbers
Learn how to find the serial number and model number of your Rolex watch, including a look up chart for Rolex serial numbers and year of manufacturing.

How to Sell a Watch at Antiquorum
Learn the steps involved in selling your valuable Swiss watch at Antiquorum auction, as well as alternatives to selling your important timepiece at auction.

Rolex Appraisal For Insurance
Learn how to choose a qualified Rolex appraiser when you want to insure your investment-grade Rolex timepiece. Discover why Rolex appraisals are often inflated.

How to Spot a Fake Luxury Watch
Learn how to spot a fake luxury watch and avoid the financial mistake of purchasing a counterfeit Swiss timepiece from an unreputable watch dealer.

How to Photograph a Watch You’re Selling
Taking a good photograph of a watch can be tricky, but good photographs (including a clear one of the model number) will help you get a better cash offer.

All About a Patek Philippe Moonphase
Learn all about the Patek Philippe Moonphase (including Reference Numbers 2499, 3970, 5004, 5970), as well as how to sell your Patek Philippe watch today.

How to Wind & Set Your Rolex Watch
Winding and setting your Rolex is a relatively simple task, as long as you know what you are doing. In this article, we cover the basic steps to be taken.

The Best Horology Books for Watch Lovers
There are many books available on the subject of horology, and in this short article, we’ll take a look at our favorites for the true watch aficionado.

Watches as Investments
Carl Blackburn, owner of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers and one of the country’s most prominent estate buyers of investment-grade watches, discusses the value of rare watches as investments.

Understanding Watch Complications
Learn about watch complications in this quick and easy tutorial that covers the most common watch functions used by Rolex, Breitling, Patek Philippe & others.

Heritage Auctions: Exceptional Watches Sold at Auction
Heritage Auctions has become a trusted source for some of the most rare and valuable timepieces ever offered at auction. Learn about some recent watches sold at their auction.

All About the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona
Learn all about the Paul Newman Daytona (Reference numbers 6239, 6262, 6263, 6265), as well as how to sell your used Rolex Daytona for more cash today.

A History of Military Watches
The first watches used by any military entity were undoubtedly pocket watches, as the earliest wristwatches were designed exclusively for women. But pocket watches were awkward in battle, and often required both hands to access—imagine trying to consult a pocket watch while under fire or on horseback. The solution was the wristwatch.

How to Buy Your First Rolex
Before buying your first Rolex watch, read this buyer’s guide to purchasing a first Rolex, be it a new Datejust, vintage Rolex Submariner, or Daytona.

Legendary Rolex Watches
Learn about some of the most legendary Rolex watches through history, including the Rolex Submariner, Daytona, Yachtmaster, Datejust, and GMT Master.

How to Collect Vintage Watches
Our watch buyers are experts at the buying and selling of valuable vintage timepieces. In this knowledge article, they a few tips on how to begin building your vintage watch collection.

The World’s Most Collectible Watches
Discover five of the most collectible watches in the world, including timepieces from Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantine, Cartier, and Breitling.

The Most Expensive Pocket Watches
Learn about some of the most expensive antique, vintage, and modern pocket watches on the market, as well as where you can sell your expensive pocket watch.

Best Selling Ladies Rolex Watches
There are not only more Rolex’s for women to choose from today, but modern standards have relaxed to the point that some women are making bold fashion statements by …

The Best Luxury Watches for Women
The current market for luxury watches for women is thriving, In the following article, we’ll highlight a few of the current selections available …

A Brief History of Watches
In this brief history of watches and watchmaking, our professional watch buyers cover some of the important highlights along the horology timeline.

How to Hold an Estate Sale Articles

How Does an Estate Sale Work
Learn all about estate sales, and who you should contact prior to the sale to sell your fine estate jewelry, luxury watches, gold, and sterling silver.

How to Choose an Estate Sale Company
Choosing an estate sale company is an important decision and should be considered carefully. Learn how to choose an estate sale liquidator in this knowledge article.

Estate Sales vs. Estate Auctions
Learn about the pros and cons of holding an estate sale versus an estate auction, and the best way to sell your valuable estate jewelry, gold gift assets & luxury watches.

How to Make the Most of Your Inheritance
Learn how to make the most an inheritance, including what to do with the money and how to liquidate portable luxury assets like fine jewelry.

San Diego Estate Sales
The staff at Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers share some San Diego estate sale tips. If you are you planning a San Diego estate sale, our tips will help you better manage the process successfully.

How to Obtain a Collateral Loan & Financing Articles

Understanding Collateral Loans
Learn about the various options available for obtaining a collateral loan, including ways to obtain a private, no-credit-check, personal loan with collateral.

How to Prepare for Retirement
Learn how to prepare financially for a comfortable retirement, including an often overlooked way to jump start your retirement plan and cash savings nest egg.

How to Get a Business Loan with Bad Credit
Learn your options for obtaining a small business loan with bad credit, including one quick and convenient option for obtaining short-term business financing.

How to Get a Business Bridge Loan
To help business owners make the best decision for their short-term financing needs, we take a look at some of the main issues involved when trying to secure bridge loans for businesses.

How to Fund a Startup
Learn about the main ways in which successful entrepreneurs fund a business startup, including the ways which do not put your valuable credit rating at risk.

How to Get Money for a Down Payment on a House
Learn the best options for raising money to make a down payment on a new house, including one method that is often overlooked but can make a big difference.

How to Finance a Land Purchase
Regardless of the manner in which you choose to finance a land purchase, there are a few important things to consider. In this article, we examine your options, as well as detail some basic information about land loans.

Bridge Loans for Seniors
Learn about financial planning options for seniors and retirees, including ways to help pay for senior care and assisted living facilities.

How to Retire Abroad in the Best Places
Learn how to retire abroad (overseas), including tips on financial planning, healthcare, and the best countries to live in during your retirement.

Using Crowdfunding for a Business Loan
Many small business owners experience difficulty in securing funding from traditional lenders, with as many as 67% of them looking into alternative sources of financing. One such alternative is crowdfunding…

How to Pay for a New Car with Cash
Buying a new car is an exciting opportunity that involves a number of important decisions–one of them being how will you pay for this new addition to your family? Learn more.

How to Pay for Going Back to School
Learn how to pay for going back to school or college, including alternative options that you may not have considered for financing returning adult education.

How to Get a Homeowner Bridge Loan
Often home-buyers have to commit to buying their new dream house before the one they currently live in sells. The financing can get complicated. Learn about your options.

How to Finance a New Roof
Learn about your options for financing a new roof and other necessary home improvements/repairs, including available loans and alternative financing methods.

Reverse Mortgage Alternatives
Learn about reverse mortgage alternatives, including refinancing an existing mortgage, REX agreements, and one alternative you might have overlooked.

Payday Loan Alternatives
There are many financing alternatives better than taking out a Payday loan. Learn about your short-term loan & cash advance options in this DEJB knowledge article.

Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers vs. A Pawn Shop
Learn the difference between obtaining a collateral loan from Diamond Estate jewelry Buyers with your fine jewelry and luxury watches, and pawning your items with a typical San Diego pawn shop.

Advice on Divorce & Broken Engagements

How to Find a Divorce Lawyer
Get tips and advice on how to choose the best divorce lawyer to fit your needs, as well as where to sell bridal jewelry to help pay for a divorce attorney.

How to Obtain Divorce Financing
There are many ways to finance a divorce these days, including some non-traditional options. In the following article, we’ll detail a few of the possibilities.

Rebuilding Financially After Divorce
The financial realities that arise after a divorce are often the last to be considered. Learn how to prepare for and overcome these financial challenges.

How to Start Over After Divorce
Figuring out how to move on & get started in a new direction after a divorce can be a particularly daunting task. Get tips and advice on how to start over.

How to Survive a Broken Engagement
Learn the steps that can help you survive a broken engagement, including some things that you may have forgotten or didn’t realize.

What if She Says No When You Propose
Learn what to do if she says no when you propose, including the best way to sell the diamond engagement ring.

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