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Engagement Ring Buyers Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers provides fast cash loans with no credit checks. Our luxury pawnbrokers provide confidential fast cash loans where your fine diamond jewelry and luxury timepieces are used as collateral. Our no credit check loans begin at $2,500 and can extend upwards to $250,00 and beyond, depending on the value of your collateral.

Do You Need a Bad Credit Loan?

Bad credit is no problem when you obtain a no credit check loan from Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. Your fast cash loan is tied entirely to the value of your luxury collateral, not the ratings on your credit reports. To get a collateral cash loan with bad credit, contact our San Diego luxury pawnbrokers to schedule a free appraisal of your fine jewelry, diamond, fine timepiece, or other luxury collateral.

Fast Cash Loans that Protect Your Good Credit

Are you concerned about protecting your good credit rating? A fast cash loan from Diamond Estate Jewelry NEVER places your good credit rating at risk. If you choose not to pay back your collateral loan, we will simply keep the fine jewelry, luxury timepiece, or other precious gift asset that you used as collateral. Your fas cash loan remains completely confidential at all times.

Don’t risk your credit rating with a cash advance on your credit car or a San Diego payday loan that could be defaulted on. Contact Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers to arrange a free loan consultation and appraisal of your diamond jewelry, high brand watch, gold bullion coins, or other precious gift asset.

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Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is Southern California’s #1 luxury pawnbroker for fast, no credit check, loans and small business loans.

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