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San Diego Estate Buying Services Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is different than ordinary estate buyers who provide estate sale and liquidation services. While other local estate buyers focus their business on complete estate buy-outs and on-site auctions, we specialize in purchasing the estate jewelry, fine watches, and precious metal gift assets of an estate liquidation.

Estate sales after the death of a family member often are a difficult and emotional process. That is why many choose the convenience of a estate buyer who offers complete liquidation services and buys everything from furniture and clothing to appliances and collectibles.

However, convenience has its price. Estate jewelry collections and luxury timepieces are among the most valuable goods of an estate sale. They are items whose accurate appraisal value requires a high level of expertise and strong global resale network–the kind of which is beyond that of the typical one-stop-shop estate buyer.

At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, we have helped clients nationwide get the best possible cash return on estate jewelry collections, rare timepieces, large carat diamonds, and precious colored gemstones.

Our friendly and knowledgeable estate buyers can be relied upon for superior cash offers on diamond jewelry and watches from legendary luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, and Cartier, as well as antique jewelry from all historical periods, including Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco.

Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers’ estate buying services are managed personally by owner, Carl Blackburn—an internationally-recognized fine jewelry designer and one of the country’s most notable estate jewelry buyers. Mr. Blackburn provides luxury estate liquidation services to clients throughout Southern California and nationwide.

Call us today for a free estate sale consultation and to arrange a risk-free appraisal of your precious gift items. House-call visits can be arranged for clients selling large estate jewelry collections.

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If you are considering selling estate items with deep sentimental value, please keep in mind that Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers also provides a collateral loan option. We can issue you an immediate cash loan today, secured with your estate jewelry and precious gemstone collateral.

Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers serves the General Public, as well as Trust Attorneys, Fiduciaries, Principals and their Heirs, and Retirement Communities. Click on the following link to learn why we are: The Best Place to Sell Jewelry.

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