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How to Prepare for a San Diego Estate Sale or Auction

Sell Jewelry - San Diego In this knowledge article, the staff at Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers will share some San Diego estate sale tips. In recent years, San Diego estate sales have become increasingly popular–with both amateur and professional buyers seeking high-quality estate merchandise to resell or keep for themselves. If you are you planning a San Diego estate sale, our tips will help you better manage the process successfully.

Our first piece of advice is to think like a buyer. When setting up the merchandise for your San Diego estate sale, it is important to group items together which have a similar function or are made in a similar style. Place the most valuable items of your estate sale in prominent positions that will catch the attention of buyers.

Before pricing the items of your San Diego estate sale, visit public auction sites like eBay to get an idea how much your items are worth on the resale market. It’s important to keep in mind that items which you consider very valuable might not actually be that valuable on the contemporary resale market.

Having sentimental attachments to certain objects is completely understandable. But if you truly want to (or must) sell an item via an estate sale, try not to let those sentimental feelings get in the way of establishing a realistic sales price. If you feel forced to sell a sentimental item due to a temporary financial problem, it might well be worthwhile to consider using that item to obtain a collateral loan instead. That way, you can retrieve the item again when your financial situation improves and you pay off the loan.

Once you have a ball park figure of what your estate sale items seem to be worth, it’s time to establish a sales price. When coming up with this figure, it should be remembered that negotiating (i.e. haggling) is common at San Diego estate sales–and often expected. That means you should price your items a bit above what you would be willing to accept, so as to give and the buyer room to haggle and both feel happy that you’ve negotiated a good deal.

In the days leading up to your San Diego estate sale, you will want to promote it through as many channels as possible. Spreading the word through friends and family members is now easier and more effective than ever thanks to social media sites. Encourage your personal contacts to let their friends know about you estate sale on their Facebook pages. You might also use free or paid classified ads on your local news/community website or on a dedicated classifieds site like Craigslist. Lastly, don’t forget about road signs on the day of your estate sale.

The day of your San Diego estate sale has now arrived. Who is going to be handling all the sales? The more family members and friends who can help you out as informal sales people the better. Be aware of the potential for theft. It happens much more often than you might think or is reported–even at very high-end estate sales.

The items most attractive to thieves are merchandise like antique jewelry, diamond jewelry, and fine watches–in other words, items which are small (and easy to conceal) but potentially extremely valuable. Note that a San Diego estate sale is usually not the best place to sell precious gift items such as these–therefore it is not necessary worry about their potential theft.

If the estate you are liquidating includes valuable estate jewelry and fine watches, it is best to consult with a San Diego estate buyer who specializes in luxury estate liquidations. Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is among the most prominent fine estate buyers in Southern California, regularly paying house-call visits to estate sellers throughout the region.

Our friendly and knowledgeable estate buyers happily provide free verbal appraisals of your fine jewelry and timepieces in a comfortable, pressure-free environment. To learn more about our luxury estate buying services, please visit the following link: San Diego Estate Buyers.

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