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Owned and operated by renowned estate jeweler Carl Blackburn, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers specializes in Tycoon Cut diamond engagement rings, understanding the unique background of how the Tycoon Cut diamond was developed.

The Tycoon Cut is the brainchild of the two Toros Kejejian cousins, who came to the United States from Lebanon over 30 years ago, as their family’s third generation in the jewelry industry. Their highly innovative Tycoon Cut was introduced to the diamond industry in March 2000, at the American Gem Society Conclave in Philadelphia. Today, the Tycoon Cut is widely acclaimed for its innovation. The design has been awarded four US patents, and the cousins were awarded the prestigious Gemological Institute of America’s League of Honor Award in 2003. The first Tycoon Cut diamond is on permanent display at the GIA’s museum.

The Tycoon Cut is essentially a simple design, featuring nine crown facets and twenty step cut pavilion facets, yet it is available in a number of shapes, including Square, Rectangular, Tapered, Trapezoid, and Cut Cornered. It is the unique faceting on the crown that makes the Tycoon Cut instantly identifiable.

“The only diamond with a diamond top” is the company’s trademarked marketing slogan, and it accurately describes the shape made prominently visible by the facets on the crown. The twenty facets in the step cut pavilion help to highlight the stone’s color, actually helping the stone present with a higher quality color than it would if otherwise cut. The nine crown facets are also more effective at masking inclusions than a traditional square table, making the stones more likely to appear ‘eye clean.’

Christopher later turned his new technique to other traditional cuts, and Tycoon Cut diamonds are now available in Asscher, Cushion, Brilliant, and his trademarked L’Amour shape. All use the triangular faceting of the original Tycoon Cut design, with the Brilliant Tycoon Cut boasting a remarkable 109 facets. While appearing round, the Brilliant Tycoon Cut stone actually features twelve straight walls and twelve sides, giving the impression of a delicately scalloped border.

Though primarily used in diamonds, the Tycoon Cut is also employed in a variety of colored gemstones, including rubies, emeralds, and blue, pink, and yellow sapphires. Every Tycoon Cut diamond of .50 carats or larger carries a laser inscription on its girdle to ensure the stone’s authenticity.

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