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Owned and operated by renowned estate jeweler Carl Blackburn, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers specializes in Victorian Cut diamond engagement rings, understanding the unique background of how the Victorian Cut diamond was developed.

Victorian Cut Diamonds might seem to refer to diamonds from the Victorian era, but those diamonds, all cut and faceted by hand, varied greatly from stone to stone in both the size and the shape of the individual facets.

Today’s Victorian Cut Diamond is the result of the pioneering work of ABA Diamond’s owner Ari Abaev. While working win an antique emerald cut diamond, he was struck by the stone’s particular brilliance, and set out to discover what made that individual diamond special. The Victorian Cut he developed is based largely on what he learned from his exacting analysis of the old diamond.

Today’s Victorian Cut Diamond, which premiered at a Las Vegas trade show in 2002, was heralded as “the victory of art over dimensions.” The classical shape of the contemporary Victorian Cut is octagonal, designed and cut to precise dimensions and ideal proportions. These new stones feature a unique, multi-faceted crown with step cut pavilion and a total of 73 facets.

Table sizes for Victorian Cut diamonds range from 58 to 63 percent, and the total depth range is 60 to 64 percent. The proportionally small table of the multifaceted top crown adds to the stone’s brilliance, but the bottom pavilion is also multifaceted and step cut. The mathematically configured dimensions of the bottom pavilion also add to the increase of the stone’s reflective brilliance.

The combination of the Victorian Cut Diamonds’ classical proportions, perfect shape, and the precise measurements and angles of the facets results in a stone that naturally appears even larger than its true proportions.  

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