What is a Cartier Love Bracelet?

The History of Cartier's Iconic Love Collection

Sell My Cartier Bracelet Few things indicate the never-ending nature of love like a circle. The simple wedding band has a long history as a symbol of everlasting commitment, and the unbroken circle has been the symbol of eternity as far back as humans have used symbols.

When the Love Bracelet was designed for Cartier, another circle became instantly associated with eternal and inseparable love. Cartier’s Love Bracelet has evolved a bit since its first iteration, but the famed bracelet is now considered not just chic, but iconic, and its popularity remains high with everyone from A-list celebrities to anyone, man or woman, who sees in its simplicity the most fashionable statement of love and commitment.

Origins of the Cartier Love Bracelet

The Love Bracelet was designed for Cartier by Aldo Cipullo in New York City in 1969. The young Italian designer was a student of history, and was fascinated by the stories of medieval warriors who locked their wives in metal chastity belts as a way to prove their fidelity. Cipullo’s design was a deliberate echo of the chastity belt: unlike most bracelets that either slip over the wrist or can be easily opened, the Love Bracelet features a distinct locking mechanism that opens with a special screwdriver supplied with each one.

The bracelet opens into two C shaped halves, and is screwed in place with the matching tool. It is this special nature of the clasp that set the piece apart as a ‘couples only’ bracelet. In fact, Cartier initially declared that customers would not be allowed to purchase a Love Bracelet for themselves—they could only be purchased by couples who would surrender their opening screwdrivers to one another.

The Celebrity of the Cartier Love Bracelet

As part of the initial marketing of the Love Bracelet, Cartier presented “his-and-hers” bracelets to 25 famous couples from the world of business, sports, entertainment, and high society, and the Love Bracelet was an almost instant hit. Offered to each other in light hearted “ceremonies” at Cartier’s Fifth Avenue Boutique, Love Bracelets were exchanged by notable couples who ‘locked’ each other’s bracelets in place. In addition, the couples formally exchanged screwdrivers, a further representation of the singularity of their commitment to one another—a figurative way of “holding the key to someone’s heart.”

The marketing campaign worked beyond Cartier’s wildest dreams, and the Love Bracelet found its way onto the wrists of high profile celebrity couples like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen. Soon there was a waiting list to get one, and they became so popular that some New York City hospitals kept a Love Bracelet screwdriver on hand in case patients needed to have it removed in an emergency. The phrase, “Do you love me enough for a Cartier Love Bracelet?” even enjoyed a period of time as a well known cultural reference.

The Contemporary Cartier Love Collection

As times changed, the Love Bracelet evolved as well, from a fairly simple, plated band with its iconic “slots” to over thirty variations available in platinum, yellow, white, and rose gold, with colored gemstones and diamonds added to certain pieces as well. Building on the success of the Love Bracelet, there is now an entire Love Collection that includes rings, cufflinks, and earrings. No longer bound by the ‘couples only’ restrictions, Love Bracelets remain a favorite of everyone from the everyday chic to A-list celebrities—Kanye West actually wears three at once.

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