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Owned and operated by renowned estate jeweler Carl Blackburn, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers specializes in Ashoka Cut diamond engagement rings, understanding the unique background of how the Ashoka Cut diamond was developed.

The Ashoka cut diamond takes its name from an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty who ruled most of the Indian subcontinent from 269 BC to 232 BC. Once a fierce warrior, Ashoka had a reawakening, coming to believe that the path to enlightenment could only be attained through peace and tranquility. As a result, he encouraged his subjects to practice Buddhism.

When a truly striking 41.37 carat diamond was mined in the Golconda region of Southern India, it was fashioned by an unknown artist into the famous D Flawless Ashoka diamond, named for the revered leader. The stone would eventually acquire its own mystique, and is said to “have the ability to banish sorrow and bring joy.”

The story of the original Ashoka diamond fascinated and inspired diamond expert William Goldberg, who painstakingly studied every facet of the ancient stone’s story. He and his team were eventually able to create a modern version inspired by the original Ashoka diamond, and were awarded a United States patent for their efforts.

With a rectangular girdle outline and rounded corners, the Ashoka cut is basically a modified cushion cut, and features 62 facets, giving the diamond the appearance of being larger than it actually is. Only very particular rough diamonds can be fashioned into Ashoka cuts. Because of its elongated shape, rough diamonds need to be extraordinarily long in order to be fashioned in this manner, making less than ten percent of all rough diamonds suitable for this cut.

The resulting finished diamonds are renowned for their brilliance and overall beauty, and are available only through jewelry stores authorized by the William Goldberg Corporation. The quality of Ashoka cut diamonds can vary from D to K and from flawless to SI2, but the quality of the cut makes them sought after and unique. 

Although the modern version of the Ashoka cut has been well known for decades, it has enjoyed renewed attention with the engagement of Reese Witherspoon in 2010. Her 4 carat Ashoka diamond mounted on a pavé set diamond and platinum band created a sensation that brought the legendary cut back into the popular imagination.

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