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Where can you sell your Lily Cut diamond ring for the most money? Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers (DEJB) is widely recognized as one of the highest paying estate buyers of diamond rings and jewelry set with large carat Lily Cut diamonds.

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Owned and operated by renowned estate jeweler Carl Blackburn, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers specializes in Lily Cut diamond engagement rings, understanding the unique background of how the Lily Cut diamond was developed by Lili Diamonds.

Over the last three decades, Lili Diamonds has become widely known for their innovative, special cut diamonds. Many of their inventive cuts are protected by worldwide patents, including the Lily Cut, for which the company was granted a worldwide patent in 1996.

The Lily Cut diamond is essentially a four lobed, flower shaped diamond, with a square table in the center. The four lobes, or “petals,” emanate symmetrically from the center, resembling a shamrock, clover, or flower. Created after years of developmental experimentation, this masterpiece diamond became possible only by employing the most sophisticated of today’s cutting technologies.

The smooth, round lines of the Lily Cut diamond draw all your attention to the four petal shape, with its 77 highly polished facets. The exceptional degree of polish, combined with the unique shape and number of facets, provide for a diamond that simply “breathes” fire and life.

Though seen mainly in rings, the Lily Cut is also used in other jewelry items, to great effect. Pendants featuring a Lily Cut diamond are particularly striking, as are perfectly matched Lily Cut stones in earrings. The proprietary nature of the cut and the limited production of the stones makes finding a Lily Cut diamond a bit of a challenge, though the company entered into an exclusive arrangement with Louis Vuitton in 2007.

Today, there are many rings available that feature the word “lily” in reference to the overall shape of the ring, but these rings do not necessarily feature the Lily Cut diamond.

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