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Engagement Ring Buyers Selling valuable gift assets to Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is a quick and secure process that thousands of sellers have taken advantage of throughout the United States.

The first step is to call our estate jewelry buyers to arrange a verbal appraisal of your items. Our free jewelry, watch, and diamond appraisals involve no risk or obligations.

Your free verbal appraisal and consultation usually takes less than 30 minutes–after which you will receive an immediate and generous cash offer for your diamond, fine jewelry, luxury watch, or colored gemstone.

You may then accept our cash offer or simply accept your appraisal as our free gift. There are absolutely no obligations and no hidden strings attached to our free jewelry appraisals.

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Why Do Our Jewelry Buyers Make Higher Cash Offers?

Diamond Estate consistently provides the highest diamond and jewelry appraisals because our market appraisals are based on the worldwide estate market for luxury goods—whereas other estate jewelry buyers ordinarily appraise the value of your estate jewelry or timepiece on how much they can sell it for locally.

Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers pays you more cash today because our client base includes some of the same buyers who purchase collectable estate jewelry, investment-grade diamonds, and limited-edition timepieces at auction houses like Christie’s, Antiquorum, and Sotheby’s.

We also have a global network of retail buyers that includes high-street stores in New York, London, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo, and other major cities. Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers takes into consideration the market demand among our entire global resale network when accurately appraising the market value of your estate jewelry, large carat diamonds, and rare timepieces.

• Nationwide Clients: Arrange a Jewelry or Watch Appraisal Online

How to Sell Watches Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers works with clients throughout the United States every day. We can arrange a quick preliminary appraisal of your diamond jewelry or fine timepiece by phone or email.

Learn about our secure shipping and online sales process by visiting the following link: Sell Jewelry from Home. We also have estate buying locations throughout the country, where you can bring your item. Contact us now to arrange your free appraisal.

Call Toll Free: (800) 956-8505

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• San Diego Customers: Schedule a Private Watch or Jewelry Appraisal

Sell My Diamond Ring for Cash Sell jewelry the smart way. Contact Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers today to schedule your free verbal jewelry appraisal, diamond & gemstone appraisal, or watch appraisal in San Diego County. We are located at 864 Prospect St., Suite A. Free parking is provided with a confirmed appointment.

Local Clients: Call (858) 454-2200

(If you do not have voicemail set up on your phone, please fill out our Contact Form below so that we can also get in touch with you by email.)

We look forward to showing you why we are the best place to sell jewelry for more cash today.

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Learn About Estate Jewelry Appraisals

Jewelry appraisers offer two types of estate jewelry appraisals: one involving replacement value; the other involving resale (or market) value. A replacement value jewelry appraisal tells you the cost of the estate jewelry if you were to walk into a jewelry store today and buy the item new. A resale value jewelry appraisal is the price that item would fetch if you were to try to resell your estate jewelry to another person or business, such as an estate jewelry buyer.

When an estate jewelry appraiser conducts a resale value appraisal, they must take into account factors such as fashion trends, market demand, condition of the item, and most importantly the mark-ups that the jewelry has undergone in its market journey from low manufacturing wholesale price to high retail price (or replacement value). After all these things are taken into consideration, it is easy to understand why the resale value is going to be much lower than that of the replacement value. Learn more at the following link: How to Choose and Estate Jewelry Appraiser.

Analyzing estate jewelry hallmarks are part jewelry appraisal process. So in the followings knowledge article, the jewelry appraisers at Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers cover some of the basics that are involved: Identifying Estate Jewelry Hallmarks.

Please keep in mind that identifying estate jewelry hallmarks on antique jewelry may be difficult and require the expertise of a highly knowledgeable estate jeweler. In these instances, you can take advantage of our expertise. We offer completely free verbal appraisals of estate jewelry, with no obligations whatsoever.

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