Where to Sell Diamond Rings & Jewelry

Please see below a small sample of the large carat diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry that our clients have sold us in recent months.

Our diamond buyers purchase all fine diamond cuts, included branded cuts such as Ashoka, CrissCut, Kotlar Cushion, Leo, Lily, Royal Asscher, and Tycoon.

How to Sell a Diamond Engagement Ring

Where to sell a diamond ring for the best possible cash return? Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers (DEJB) is widely recognized as one of the highest paying diamond buyers in the United States.

Our diamond buyers are chosen for two important reasons. 1) Our diamond appraisal and sales process is secure, fast, and risk free. 2) Every customer receives a generous and immediate cash offer based on the worldwide market value of their diamond.

“Easy, fast, fair and incredibly professional. I recently sold a diamond to Carl Blackburn of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. Even though I was a seller, he treated me like a customer, with the utmost respect, every step of the way. The diamond was GIA certified, so I had the chance to shop it around to diamond buyers all around the US. Most gave me price ranges until they could see the diamond (and subsequently lower the price when they did, unfortunately as I learned firsthand).

Carl offered a fair & generous price that was firm. He was honest & easy to work with – No games and always responsive in his communication. He covered the cost of insuring and mailing the diamond to him and even offered me the savings on sending the check if he didn’t have to pay for express shipping. I highly recommend working with Carl Blackburn and Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers.”

Kim W.via Yelp Reviews

Whether you are selling a diamond engagement ring, diamond eternity band, or large carat diamond necklace, you can count on Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers to leverage our 30+ years of expertise in your favor. We will make sure that you understand exactly how we arrive at our cash offer, enabling you to make the absolutely best, most informed decision—regardless of whether you sell your diamond jewelry to us.

What Diamond Jewelry Do We Buy?

Our online diamond buyers purchase all types of contemporary and antique diamond jewelry. However, we specialize in high-brand diamond jewelry with appraisal values into the six figures and beyond. For example, we buy diamond engagement rings from Tiffany & Co., diamond necklaces from Harry Winston, and bespoke red carpet earrings from the world’s most celebrated designers.

We often can get you more money than you would have received by auctioning your diamond jewelry online, and within 24 hours of accepting our cash offer.

“I needed to sell a 2 carat diamond and based on the excellent reviews, I decided to contact Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. I sent an email with the GIA report details and within 30 minutes I had a response with an estimated offer. After deciding to move forward, they emailed me shipping instructions and a prepaid FedEx label.

I shipped my diamond and everything went incredibly smoothly. Paula, the buying consultant with whom I worked, was incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. I am absolutely thrilled with my experience and would recommend Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers to anyone looking to work with true professionals.”

Melissa N.via Yelp Reviews

Contact Our Diamond Buyers to Learn Why We Are:

●  Where to Sell an Engagement Ring For the Most Money

●  The Best Place to Sell a Diamond Necklace Online

●  Where to Sell a Fancy Diamond Ring For the Most Money

●  The Best Place to Diamond Earrings Online

●  Where to Sell Large Carat Diamonds

Selling My Diamond Ring – What Are My Alternatives?

There are a variety of options available for selling diamond rings and previously-owned diamond jewelry, including eBay, online diamond auctions, pawn shops, and your local diamond jeweler. However, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers has a track record of consistently paying the absolute best cash prices for large carat diamond rings and fine jewelry, while treating our clients with exceptional courtesy, understanding, and security.

“I had a high end diamond ring that I needed to sell as part of an estate. I was not looking forward to the process and several local jewelers wanted the piece for almost free. Since I knew the insured value, I was very frustrated. I contacted Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers and I was immediately contacted by Paula Dabney. She was awesome to work with and the process was so easy and the price I was offered, and accepted, was fair and worthy of the beauty and value of the ring. Thank you!”

Sue M.via Yelp Reviews

How Much Do We Pay for Diamond Jewelry?

●  Sell a 1+ Carat Diamond Ring for Upwards to $10,000.

●  Sell a 3+ Carat Engagement Ring for Upwards to $100,000.

●  Sell 2+ Carat Diamond Earrings for Upwards to $40,000.

●  Sell Tiffany Diamond Bracelets for Upwards to $25,000.

●  Sell a 5+ Carat Diamond Necklace for Upwards to $20,000.

Let us help you get the cash you deserve for your diamond rings and jewelry.

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How to Sell a Diamond Ring Online

At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, we buy previously-owned diamond rings and jewelry in two ways. Our diamond buyers serve clients in person throughout Southern California from our headquarters in La Jolla and our satellite office in Los Angeles. Every week, we also buy large diamonds from clients nationwide via our secure Sell from Home service.

Here is a quick review of our simple and secure process that can get you more money for your diamond ring, necklace, or earrings, no matter where you live in the United States.

●  Step 1 – Tell Us About Your Diamond Jewelry

Click on Cash Offer button below, and tell us about your large diamond ring, earrings, pendant, or brooch—including whether you have a lab report from GIA, AGS, or HDR

●  Step 2 – Receive a Free Diamond Consultation

One of our diamond buyers will contact you within 24 hours (weekdays) to provide you with a free consultation and preliminary cash offer for your diamond jewelry.

●  Step 3 – Ship Your Diamond Jewelry Securely at No Cost

We will arrange and pay for you to ship your diamond jewelry or loose diamond securely via insured* FedEx Overnight. Every package is fully insured up to the maximum value of your diamond jewelry.

●  Step 4 – Review & Accept Our Cash Offer

After receiving your diamond jewelry, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers will conduct a complete market appraisal of your diamond and contact you within 24 hours with an immediate cash offer.

●  Step 5 – Get Paid for Your Diamond Jewelry

If you accept our final cash offer for your diamond jewelry, we will issue your payment via bank wire transfer, cashier’s check, or Western Union within 24 hours. Should you decide not to sell your diamond jewelry to us, we will ship the item back to you at our expense. At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, your complete satisfaction is our priority.

Learn How to Sell a Diamond Ring the Smart Way

Learn how to sell your diamond ring and large carat diamonds to our national diamond buyers in this article on how to sell a diamond for cash. Selling a diamond might seem like a complicated process that requires a lot of insider knowledge, but it is easier than it appears. Get expert answers to common questions that may arise when you working with a diamond estate buyer. Click on the following link to learn more: How to Sell a Diamond.

Learn About GIA Diamond Grading Reports

Diamond grading reports are issued by professional gem evaluating laboratories, and are conducted to assess and verify the quality of loose diamonds. The main aspects evaluated in a certificate are the famous “Four Cs”–color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

Diamond reports allow buyers to purchase with confidence based on the attributes of the diamond rather than the persuasiveness of the retailer. Certified diamonds hold their value better than non-certified diamonds, and diamond certificates simplify the process of comparing one diamond to another.

Learn how to read these diamond reports, as well as the most respected labs that produce these reports, at the following article: Understanding Diamond Certificates.

Learn How to Evaluate Diamond Buyer Reviews

The most important type of diamond buyer reviews are those which appear on well-established online platforms like Yelp, Google, The Yellow Pages, and Yahoo. The general rule of thumb is to look for diamond buyers with lots of positive reviews that are spaced out over a long period of time (at least a year).

If you notice that a diamond buyer’s positive reviews are all clustered together in a very short period, this can indicate a diamond buyer who is trying to game the system. Authentic diamond buyer reviews tend to be spread out over months; with some reviewers making brief positive comments and others providing in-depth reviews with specific details about their experience. Learn more at: Diamond Buyer Reviews.

Learn About Diamond Cuts & Shapes

Diamond shape simply refers to the shape of the stone itself, such as round, oval, pear, heart, etc., but cut refers to a diamond’s proportions, symmetry and polish. Of all the Four Cs (color, clarity, cut, and carat), cut is the most important factor in the overall beauty of your diamond.

While there are basically only two ways to cut facets into a rough diamond (brilliant and step), the “cut grade” of a diamond includes a rating of the diamond’s brilliance, scintillation, and fire. The dilemma for the cutter is how to maximize the carat weight of the finished stone without compromising the brilliance. With that in mind, in the following article, we discuss the most popular diamond shapes: Popular Diamond Shapes.

The Best Place to Sell a Diamond Ring Online

If you have been asking yourself questions like, “Where is the best place to sell a diamond ring?” “How can I sell a large diamond?” “Where can I sell my old engagement ring?” or “Where can I sell a diamond bracelet?” let us show you why thousands of people nationwide have chosen “Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers” as the answer.

We make premium cash offers for princess cut and brilliant cut diamonds over 1 carat, antique Victorian cut diamonds, Tiffany solitaire diamond rings, and Hearts on Fire diamonds, as well as large diamond engagement rings from leading bridal jewelry designers such as Tacori, Charles & Covard, Christopher Designs, Verragio, Jeff Cooper, Michael B, Bvlgari, A. Jaffe, Neil Lane, Simon G., and Cartier.