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Online Estate Jewelers Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is the best place to sell your vintage Damiani jewelry for cash. We regularly purchase Damiani signed pieces from clients throughout the United States. Customers sell us their previously-owned Damiani jewelry for two important reasons:

1) Our Damiani appraisal and sales process is fast, secure, and risk free. 2) Every customer is guaranteed a generous and immediate cash offer based on the worldwide market value of their Damiani estate jewelry.

Our 2nd generation estate jewelry buyers have 50+ years of combined industry expertise in the diamond and estate jewelry trade, especially with high-brand jewelry from luxury makers like Damiani, Tiffany & Co., and Cartier. Our Damiani jewelry buyers leverage that experience to get you the maximum cash return for your used Damiani jewelry and watches.

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Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers makes premium cash offers for all of your previously-owned jewelry from Damiani, including items set with emeralds, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Our owner Carl Blackburn is an internationally-recognized diamond jewelry designer who is an expert in added brand valuation. Sell your vintage Damiani necklaces, engagement rings, bracelets, wedding bands, and watches to the best estate jewelry buyer in the United States.

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Sell Damiani jewelry directly to Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers and get paid in cash today. Contact us now to schedule a confidential appraisal of your items. Our free verbal Damiani appraisals involve no risk or obligations.

Local customers can schedule their free Damiani jewelry consultation at our buying office in beautiful La Jolla Cove. We are located at 864 Prospect St. Suite A, and offer free parking with a confirmed appointment.

If you are an out-of-state customer, we have established buying locations throughout the United States where you can bring your Damiani estate jewelry. We also can provide you with a free consultation and preliminary Damiani appraisal over the phone, then arrange for the secure shipping of your estate jewelry to our flagship office in La Jolla, CA.

Find out why so many satisfied clients throughout the country rank Carl Blackburn and Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers as the best place to sell Damiani jewelry for the most money.

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About Damiani Jewelry

Damiani is an Italian jewelry group specializing in the design, manufacture, and selling of luxury jewelry and watches. Though their major market is Italy, the company sells to markets worldwide through their subsidiary brands: Salvini, Alfieri & St. John, Bliss, and Calderoni.

Founded in 1924 in Valenza, Italy by Enrico Grassi Damiani, the company quickly became known for its high quality diamond jewelry. The classic traditions of Italian jewelry manufacture exhibited in Enrico Grassi’s work were often sought out by the social elite, and the firm became the trusted jeweler of the noble families of the time.

Enrico’s son Damiano continued the family tradition, combining tradition with innovation, and his technical advances in manufacture allowed the company to rise to fame across Italy and the world. The third generation of the family now runs the publicly held company, and their network of subsidiaries and boutiques distributes the company’s distinct, top-end traditional Italian style worldwide.

Damiani’s jewelry is traditionally handcrafted, using the highest quality metals and gemstones. From simple sketches to advanced, 3-D computer assisted design, individual pieces are assembled and finished by Damiani’s goldsmiths using traditional welding techniques handed down from master to apprentice. The assembled pieces then go to the cleaners and polishers for the final finish, with quality control checks throughout the process. The end result is a showcasing of traditional Italian artisan jewelry–collier, bracelets, rings, and earrings of sophisticated Italian style exhibiting closely kept goldsmithing secrets and expert craftsmanship.

The Damiani Group has garnered worldwide acclaim, winning the prestigious Diamonds International Award a record 18 times.


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