Where to Sell Emerald, Sapphire & Ruby Jewelry

Please see below a small sample of the expensive gemstone jewelry that our satisfied clients have sold us in recent months.

We also purchase designer estate jewelry set with rare gemstones, such as alexandrite, red spinel, imperial topaz, jadeite, tanzanite, and more.

How to Sell Precious Gemstones & Jewelry

Where to sell expensive gemstones? Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is more than just the highest paying diamond buyer in the United States. We also are the best place to sell expensive gemstones nationwide, such as large carat sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

Our gemstone jewelry buyers are chosen for two important reasons. 1) Our gemstone appraisal and sales process is secure, fast, and risk free. 2) Every client receives a generous and immediate cash offer based on the worldwide market value of their fine gemstone jewelry.

“I found DEJB’s service to be more than I could have asked for. The Rep I had (Paula) was courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. They were able to work with me and answer all of the questions I had. They insured my jewelry, shipping was fast and easy, and the offer was more than fair. If I sell jewelry again in the future, I will be calling Diamond Estate. Thanks again, Paula.”

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Whether you are selling diamond & emerald earrings from Van Cleef & Arpels or a vintage Cartier cocktail ring, you can count on Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers to leverage our 30+ years of expertise in your favor. We will make sure that you understand exactly how we arrive at our cash offer, enabling you to make the absolutely best, most informed decision—regardless of whether you sell your gemstone jewelry to us.

What Gemstone Jewelry Do We Buy?

Our estate jewelry buyers purchase most types of precious gemstone jewelry. However, we specialize in large high-grade colored gems and designer jewelry with appraisal values into the five and six figures. For example, we pay premium prices for sapphire jewelry from Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston ruby rings, and Colombian emerald necklaces from Chopard.

We often can get you more money than you would have received by auctioning your gemstone jewelry online, and within 24 hours of accepting our cash offer. Contact us today learn why we are:

●  Where to Sell Ruby Jewelry For the Most Money

●  The Best Place to Sell a Sapphire Ring Online

●  Where to Sell an Emerald For the Most Money

●  The Best Place to Sell Precious Gems Online

●  Where to Sell Large Carat Gemstones

Selling Precious Gems – What Are My Alternatives?

There are a variety of options available for selling precious gems and previously-owned gemstone jewelry, including eBay, online jewelry auctions, pawn shops, and your local fine jewelry store. However, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers has a track record of consistently paying the absolute best cash prices for emerald, sapphire and ruby jewelry, while treating our clients with exceptional courtesy, understanding, and security.

How Much Do We Pay for Gemstone Jewelry?

●  Sell a 2+ Carat Ruby Ring for Upwards to $5,000.

●  Sell Antique Emerald Rings for Upwards to $50,000.

●  Sell 3+ Carat Sapphire Earrings for Upwards to $5,000.

●  Sell Tiffany Ruby Necklaces for Upwards to $20,000.

●  Sell a 5+ Carat Emerald Gemstone for Upwards to $25,000.

Let us help you get the cash you deserve for valuable gemstone jewelry.

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How to Sell Gemstone Jewelry Online

At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, we buy precious gemstone jewelry in two ways. We serve clients in person throughout Southern California from our headquarters in La Jolla and our satellite office in Los Angeles. Every week, we also buy fine gemstones from clients nationwide via our secure Sell from Home service.

Here is a quick review of our simple and secure process that can get you more money for your sapphire, ruby, and emerald jewelry, no matter where you live in the United States.

  Step 1 – Tell Us About Your Gemstone Jewelry

Click on Cash Offer button below, and tell us about your valuable gemstone ring, necklace, earrings, or brooch—including whether you have a lab report from GIA, IGI, or EGL USA.

●  Step 2 – Receive a Free Gemstone Consultation

One of our estate buyers will contact you within 24 hours (weekdays) to provide you with a free consultation and preliminary cash offer for your gemstone jewelry.

●  Step 3 – Ship Your Gemstone Jewelry Securely at No Cost

We will arrange and pay for you to ship your precious gemstone jewelry or loose gemstone securely via insured* FedEx Overnight. Every package is fully insured up to the maximum value of your item.

●  Step 4 – Review & Accept Our Cash Offer

After receiving your gemstone jewelry, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers will conduct a complete market appraisal of your item and contact you within 24 hours with an immediate cash offer.

●  Step 5 – Get Paid for Your Gemstone Jewels

If you accept our final cash offer for your gemstone jewels, we will issue your payment via bank wire transfer, cashier’s check, or Western Union within 24 hours. Should you decide not to sell your gemstone jewelry with us, we will ship the item back to you at our expense. At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, your complete satisfaction is our priority.

Learn More About Precious Gems

All About Rubies & Ruby Jewelry

With colors ranging from pale pink to a deep red with a hint of blue (known as “pigeon blood”), rubies are mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts, the Bible, and even “The Travels of Marco Polo.” This birthstone for July is used in a wide variety of jewelry items today, and continues to make the bold and colorful statement that has made it coveted throughout the ages. Learn more at: All About Ruby Jewelry.

All About Emeralds & Emerald Jewelry

With a history spanning thousands of years, from ancient Egypt to the present day popularity of emeralds from Colombia, emeralds have been consistently counted among the “big three” of colored gems, along with rubies and sapphires. Not surprisingly, the name emerald comes from the old French word ‘esmeralde,’ which is derived from the Greek word for ‘green stone.’ Learn more at: All About Emeralds.

All About Sapphires & Sapphire Jewelry

Blue is the classic and traditional color of sapphire—the name sapphire itself comes from the Greek word for blue. Corundum that has trace amounts of iron results in a blue sapphire, and chromium impurities result in a pink or red color, with red corundum well-known as its own colored gemstone, the ruby. Learn more at: All About Sapphires.

Sapphire & Ruby Gemstone Treatments

Gem treatments for rubies and sapphires are any processes that are performed on the stones other than cutting and polishing. Various treatments can alter the color, clarity, durability, and ultimately the value of your sapphire or ruby. These treatments can run from accepted, everyday practices to deceptive manipulations that can greatly devalue the gemstone. Learn more at: How are Rubies & Sapphires Treated.

Synthetic vs. Imitation Gemstones

Natural gemstones have been prized for their rarity and beauty for many thousands of years, and the natural processes that create them often take much more than thousands of years. As with anything of value, imitations have been a part of gemstone history since the very beginning. While many early attempts to ‘fake’ a gemstone were crude and easily spotted, today’s technology makes things much less clear. Learn more at: Synthetic and Simulated Gemstones.

The Best Place to Sell Gemstones Online

If you have been asking yourself questions like, “Where is the best place to sell expensive gemstones?” “Who buys loose gemstones?” “Where can I sell precious gemstones online?” or “How can I sell my ruby, sapphire, and emerald jewelry?” let us show you why thousands of people nationwide have chosen “Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers” as the answer.