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Where is the best place to sell gold jewelry online? You can sell gold jewelry and other precious gold merchandise to one of the most recognized and trusted gold jewelry buyers in the United States: Carl Blackburn, owner of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers.

Widely recognized as buyer of extraordinary gold jewelry and featured expert on KUSI TV’s special report on “How to Sell Gold,” Carl has helped thousands of Californians sell gold jewelry for a fair cash price, while providing friendly and impeccable service.

At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, we provide you with an opportunity to sell gold privately and with complete confidence. We specialize in designer gold jewelry and antique jewelry. If you are looking for the best place to sell gold jewelry from Tiffany & Co., Buccellati, Cartier, and other luxury makers, then contact us today for an absolutely free, no risk, appraisal of your precious gold jewelry.

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At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, you can also sell gold coins and sell gold bars. For physical gold investment products, we pay you best cash prices based on that day’s gold trading price.

The Best Place to Sell Gold Jewelry – Customer Reviews

This was the first time I have ever sold gold, so I was a bit nervous, since I have heard of all the gold scams out there. What a relief when we met with Carl to sell my gold. He is very personable, friendly and professional. He answered all of our questions about selling gold without hesitation.

I thought he was very straightforward and knowledgeable. He will weigh your gold items in front of you and for the items that he cannot read the stamp on he will test them. He even explained the testing process to us. He was very upfront and explained the steps he uses to calculate the prices he pays. Wow what a surprise, I thought I was going to get a lot less than what he actually paid. I definitely walked away feeling like I had been treated very fairly. – Michelle T.


After a few stops at some local pawn shops to sell my gold, I came to see Carl with the small yellow folders which had been given to me by one of the pawn shop owners. These small folders contained the gold I was trying to sell. Each folder had been marked with the karat of gold contained within. Carl took the folders and began opening them one by one, placing them in small piles.

Visually piece by piece he inspected the jewelry and to both mine and Carl’s disbelief most of the pieces were not what the pawn shop said they were. The folders that supposedly contained 10kt were actually 14kt! Can you believe that? Carl Blackburn is very knowledgeable, kind and honest. It was a pleasure to have met him, and I highly recommend stopping by to see him when you are looking to sell gold jewelry. Thank you Carl! – Jane C.

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