Who Buys Rolex Watches?

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Who buys Rolex watches for more of the cash that you deserve? Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is one of the country’s most trusted buyers of second-hand Rolex watches. Why do sellers choose us when it is time to sell their Rolex watch? The answer is all about the total confidence they have in knowing that:

1) Our Rolex watch appraisal and sales process is fast, secure, and risk free. 2) Every client is guaranteed a generous and immediate cash offer based on the worldwide market value of their Rolex timepiece.

Who buys Rolex watches at Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers? Our 2nd generation prestige watch buyers do. Our owner Carl Blackburn is widely recognized as one of the few estate buyers in the country who buys Rolex watches worth tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has the expertise and financial resources to purchases rare Rolex watches that often are sold at prestigious auction houses like Sotheby’s, Christie’s, or Antiquorum.

Our Diamond Estate Rolex Buyers pay top dollar for Rolex watches sold by clients nationwide. We have 50+ years of combined industry expertise in the estate jewelry and watch trade, especially with second-hand Rolex timepieces. We leverage that experience to pay you the most cash possible for your used Rolex watch.

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Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is the Best Answer to…

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  • Who Buys Rolex Daytonas & Explorers?
  • Who Buys Rolex Yachtmasters & Submariners?
  • Who Buys Antique & Vintage Rolex Watches?
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Let our Diamond Estate Rolex Buyers make you a premium cash offer for your previously-owned Rolex watch today. You can rely on us to purchase your valuable Rolex timepiece for more of the cash that you deserve.

Who Buys Rolex Watches & Offers Free Rolex Appraisals?

Sell your Rolex watch directly to our Diamond Estate Rolex Buyers and receive a free valuation of your second-hand Rolex. Our free verbal Rolex appraisals involve no risk or obligations.

If you are an out-of-state customer, we have established buying locations throughout the United States where you can bring your Rolex watch. We also can provide you with a free consultation and preliminary Rolex appraisal over the phone, then arrange for the secure shipping of your Rolex watch to our flagship office in La Jolla, CA.

Read more about how you can sell your Rolex watch privately and securely from the comfort of your home at the following link: Sell My Rolex From Home.

Discover why so many clients throughout the country rank Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers #1 among businesses who buy Rolex watches for cash.

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If you have any supplementary sales materials that came with the original purchase (such as the store receipt or gift box), please include those details in your message.

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